The lovely and pregnant Sabrine

It was only a few weeks until Sabrine was due with her second baby boy that we decided to jump into the land of Sanderumgaards Romantiske Have on Funen to shoot some maternity photos of her. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend taking a trip to Sanderumgaards Romantiske Have. The garden is very romantic and also very English, making it a true special gem here on Funen. The garden spans on quite a big area with lots of beautiful trees and flowers. They even have a special area called “Frugt & Rosenhaven” where an abundance of fruit and rose trees in bloom can be seen when in the right season. Even though the weather on this particular May day was a bit cloudy and rainy, it was a beautiful day to capture some special photos. I think each stage of being a woman is so special, but there is an ethereal and magical beauty to pregnancy. These moments are so precious and times flies by so fast.

Beautiful Sabrine here wrapped in an Aiayu throw.
When tiny raindrops started to fall , we found shelter by this beautiful pavilion.